My Work

This page lists some of the most memorable projects that I’ve done:

East Ramapo, once a ‘great district,’ now a district divided

My time at RIT culminated in a capstone project that explored the increasing tensions between the two populations of a suburban New York  school district.

The district was largely divided between two communities: the African American and Hispanic students and families who use the public schools, on one hand; and the Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox majority who run the Board of Education, but send their children to private religious institutions, on the other. READ MORE >>

“Proud to be Italian American” blog

Another school assignment that continued past the completion of the course, “Proud to be Italian American” explored the contributions of Italian Americans and acted as a journal for my exploration into my family’s history (as well as my grandmother’s cooking). READ MORE >>

Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R)

This is another one of my school projects that extended beyond the classroom. As part of an assignment, I was asked to prepare a marketing plan for any organization.

I chose the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route, which was later pitched and became a summer employment opportunity. READ MORE >>


See a copy of the W3R-NY brochure here.